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How does my company join NJUNS?

If your state is a member of NJUNS, you will just need to email the following to

Company Name
Coverage Area or Description (including counties)
Contact Name
Email Address (for notification delivery)
Email Address of contact (if different)

What are the system requirements for NJUNS?

- Internet connection and browser (we recommend Internet Explorer). Users utilizing IE10 may need to run in compatibility mode
- Silverlight 5.0 or greater 

I need to change the member codes in my profile. Can I do it myself?

- You will need to email and request to have member codes added or deleted from your profile. Please remember that you can only have access to your company codes.  

I am receiving a Silverlight error. What can I do?

- There are various Silverlight errors that can be caused by different issues. This  document describes the most common errors and resolutions. 

I am creating a PT or PA ticket but having trouble adding steps. The add new instance icon is grayed out. What is going on?

Before you can add steps to a Pole Transfer or Pole Attachment ticket, you must first save the ticket. Once the ticket is saved, the add new instance icon will become enabled.  

Can NJUNS integrate with my internal systems or database?

Yes. NJUNS will provide help documentation and sample code to our API/Web Services.  If you are interested in this, please contact  

What is a member code?

A member code is a unique 6 character or less identifier for a company and specific geographical area (or description). Member codes are used by the utilities to notify the appropriate parties in regards to joint use communication. A list of active member codes can be found on our web site at under the Members tab. 

How do I obtain a login to NJUNS?

All new users, working for a company with a NJUNS member code, may obtain a login by visiting, clicking on register today at the bottom of the page and filling out the form. Once your registration has been accepted/rejected, you will receive a conformation email.  

Does NJUNS provide training and is it free?

 - NJUNS provides regular training webinars that users can attend at no cost. To see the schedule, go to and click Training.
- NJUNS also provides help documentation in the form of a users’ guide and tutorial videos. These are available by clicking on Training as well.

What is a priority code?

A priority code is a single digit option for a PT+ ticket. What the priority code means is defined locally. Many states have standardized their priority codes for the state. If your state has standardized such a list, it can be found under your state's State Portfolio. If you have questions on this topic, please contact

Do I need to email the parties after I save a ticket?

No, NJUNS electronic notification is automated. Tickets that are NOT in draft status are automatically sent out in email whenever they are created or updated depending on the rules set up and the type of update. All parties will get an email when a ticket is created and when they are Next to Go. In Pole Attachment, both parties are notified of updates. 

How do I change how notifications are sent to my company or member code?

The email addresses or mailboxes notifications are sent to can be changed by any member of NJUNS staff. For changes, email and let us know the member code and the appropriate changes.


I'm having problems pulling reports. What can I do?

I can't pull up reports or file attachments. The system may "flash" or "bleep" and then nothing shows up or Excel opens a blank report. What do you do?

Attempt the following in Internet Explorer properties (Internet Options):
1. Add to your Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer
2. Make sure your browsers Tabs Settings is set on to allow the browser to decide to open new items.
3. There are also advanced settings under the Security Tab of Internet options. These settings can be accessed by clicking "Custom Level". There are a number of properties within the custom level but there is a Downloads group. One that could be causing an issue is: "File Download" -- this needs to be enabled, not disabled.
There is a work around to this if you can't get this changed. Simply hold the "CTRL" button down on your keyboard while you hit Run and it will override your machine.
4. If the Excel report is blank, make sure to click Enable Editing if prompted when opening the Excel worksheet.

If these are unsuccessful then you'll need to contact your IT department  because it is an issue with your PC.