Iowa is a partial state

Iowa Priority Codes

1 - Emergency
2 - Routine
3 - IUB Violations
4 - Post Derecho cleanup
5 - Future Project Notification

Iowa Sponsors
Interstate Power & Light (Alliant Energy)
Leila Hussein | Manager - Real Estate & Right of Way & Joint Facilities
200 1st St SE | Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Office: (319) 786-4848 | Cell: (319) 431-7448<

Transfer Contractor:

Pole Removal Contractor:
Asplundh Tree Services

Step Type Descriptions
TRANSFER -  Each 3rd party Attacher has 30 days to transfer their facilities.  If the 3rd party Attacher fails to transfer their facilities within 30 days, the ticket will be reassigned to the Transfer Contractor and the 3rd party Attacher will be billed for the transfer.
TRANSCOMPL - IP&L moved the 3rd party facilities and a bill will be issued
NOTIFY - future work (this is under construction)
PULLPOLE - The pole needs to be removed (after facilities are all removed)

PT+ Statistics

Created Closed  Tickets with Steps Completed
2021 12,552 1,494 2,409